Project Aims SYMBERED idea

The aim of the Nordic SYMBERED project - funded by NUH - is to develop a user friendly editing tool that makes use of concept coding to produce web pages with flexible graphical symbol support targeted towards people with AAC needs.

Content produced with the editing tool will be published in XML/XHTML document format on the Internet. This material will contain natural language text, such as Swedish or English. Some, or all, of the words in the text will be marked with a concept code defining its meaning. The coded words/concepts may then easily be represented by alternative kinds of graphical symbols and by additional text representations in alternative languages. Thus, in web content created by the author with the SYMBERED tool, one symbol language can easily be swapped for another. This means that a Bliss and a PCS symbol user can each have his/her preferred kind of symbol support.

Primarily, the SYMBERED editing tool will support a limited vocabulary in four to five of the Nordic languages plus English, and three to four symbol systems, with built-in extensibility to enable adding more languages and symbol systems later on.

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